Open BKF File - Open MS Backup .BKF File

Open bkf tool to effectively repairs corrupt BKF files created using MS backup

Open BKF File


If you are wondering, how to open BKF files, then BKF repair tool is the best solution for you.


BKF repair tool  is the competent solution to repair and retrieve data from such BKF files and make them accessible one again. It effectively repairs and recovers data from corrupt BKF files created using MS Backup or VERITAS Backup software. BKF repair tool uses quick algorithm to repair, recover and open BKF files and provides the user with all data stored in the corrupt file.


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Key features of BKF recovery software are summarized below :

  • Provides the user an expedient BKF restoration process.
  • Helps the user to open BKF files that are inaccessible.
  • Updated version is embedded with dual recovery modes: Quick & Advanced mode.
  • Tool support multiple BKF file recovery.
  • Corrupt BKF files can be dragged & drooped simply.
  • Repairs corrupt BKF archive.
  • Retrieves all available data from the corrupt or inaccessible BKF files.
  • Supports recovery of Unicode Characters (Including Non English Characters).
  • Two distinguished options save recovery snapshot and load recovery snapshot are available to make BKF recovery process more time efficient.
  • Automatically saves scan info for further seeing complete recovery process.
  • Repairs CRC errors.
  • Repairs BKF files that have got corrupt due to backup interruption.
  • Capable to recover Exchange BKF files created using NTBackup.exe.
  • Fixes all corruption issues in Exchange BKF file and recovers EDB, STM and log files.
  • Support to repair BKF files created with Backup Exec by VERITAS software under Windows, Novell, and Macintosh operating systems.
  • Recovered backup files can be saved in hard disk, external disk or at the remote location.
  • User friendly graphical interface that requires minimum technical skills.

Dual Recovery Modes: It is equipped with two powerful recovery modes in the updated latest version of the software which are as follows:

  • Quick mode: This mode is a quick and selective BKF recovery mode & capable of recovering data from files facing minor corruptions issues. If this mode fails to recover your desired backup file data, you can scan with the other mode.
  • Advanced Mode: As the name suggest, this mode is more advanced with recursive scan features and makes sure of BKF data recovery from all kind of BKF file errors. It repairs & restores data from severely damaged and old BKF archives in quick way. However, it is slower but extremely efficient in BKF recovery.

BKF recovery software is an efficient way to open bkf files, which are corrupt and inaccessible and the user needs to extract files and folders stored in them. Nowadays, the updated version of the BKF repair tool has been launched which is integrated with more beneficial features. With repair bkf software, you can perform multiple file recovery process by using two recovery modes known as Quick mode and Advanced mode. It successfully handles any kind of backup file corruptions and repairs the corrupt file effectively. The main reasons for MS backup files corruption are:

  • Virus Corruptions
  • Unexpected system shutdown
  • Backup interruptions
  • CRC (cyclic redundancy check) errors
  • Error “Fails to open file”
  • “The backup file is unusable”
  • Unrecognized Media

The capability of BKF recovery tool to repair and open BKF files make it appropriate solution for individuals, who are looking for help to deal with backup file corruption.

BKF repair tool supports restoration of files and folders having Unicode Characters in their name. It also maintains the data integrity and accurately recovers all data without making any changes in it. Two unique features that help the user in saving the file rescanning time are: Save Snapshot and Load Snapshot. ‘Save Snapshot’ option allows to save the details of a BKF file scan, so that the user may use it later with the option ‘Load Snapshot’ and resume the saved scan process. Live Preview technology is also included in BKF file repair software, which lists the recovered data and files in a tree like structure for preview.

By using the updated version of this software, you can see complete BKF recovery process which is automatically saved by the software as Scan info. It enables you to save recovered back files in the hard disk, external drive or at remote location.

Want to view how BKF repair software can help you to open BKF file?

Download the demo version to retrieve BKF file that have become corrupt or inaccessible. The demo version enables you to repair the corrupt backup file and view the recoverable data. Once satisfied with the recovery results, purchase the full version to save recovered files and folders to the desired location.






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